Security & AML

Schutz & Geldwäsche maximizes the security of your trades by making use of the most advanced safety measures available in the market. This allows us to effectively prevent any theft or loss of private data.
At, we always go the extra mile when it comes to the safety of your funds and information.

Account Security

All accounts must be protected by effective login credentials. As a result, we strongly urge our users to refrain from using simple passwords that can be easily guessed. We also recommend that you log in to your account from your personal computer only and avoid public or shared computers. To maximize the security of your account, we urge our users not to hold a written copy of their login credentials and we recommend that users replace their password at least once every three months.

Important: If, for any reason, you suspect that your account’s security has been compromised, please contact customer support as soon as possible at [email protected].

Anti-Money Laundering Policy is fully dedicated to implementing anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) policies effectively. These policies are required, and they are known to prevent illegal and prohibited activity, which could endanger your funds and personal information. Furthermore, is required by law to identify and prevent money laundering attempts, financing of terror, financing of human trafficking, corruption, bribery, or any other form of illegal activity across all provided services. To this end, we employ the following policies:

Identity Verification

When opening an account, will request identification documents that will help us to establish your identity and to protect your account, especially when a withdrawal is requested. Your funds are our highest priority, and we do not leave anything to chance. For more information, please visit our Withdrawal section.

Payment Verification

When using sensitive payment methods, such as a credit card, we will request additional documents to ensure the safety of your funds and personal information. If you plan on using your credit card for transactions, please Copy front and back side of the credit card. For more information, please visit our Withdrawal section. monitors trading activity on the platform to ensure that no prohibited activities are carried out and that the security of your trades is never compromised. This includes, but is not limited to, trading activity, deposit/withdrawal activity, and other suspicious behaviour. Furthermore, our compliance officer shall investigate any suspicious transactions to fullest degree.

Leveraged Contracts sind komplexe Instrumente und mit einem hohen Risiko verbunden, Geld zu verlieren. 75 % der Privatanlegerkonten verlieren beim Handel mit Leveraged Contracts Geld. Sie sollten überlegen, ob Sie verstehen, wie diese Leveraged Contracts funktionieren, und ob Sie es sich leisten können, das Risiko einzugehen, Ihr Geld zu verlieren. Sie sollten sich aller mit Leveraged Contracts verbundenen Risiken bewusst sein und sich im Zweifelsfall von einem unabhängigen Berater beraten lassen. Die Wertentwicklung in der Vergangenheit ist kein Hinweis auf zukünftige Ergebnisse.

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